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Whilst a yoga class can really boost your vitality and well-being, sometimes an individual consultation is just what you need.

We offer individual sessions in yoga, hypnotherapy and yoga therapy.

We are also delighted to provide you with the contact details for a select range of excellent complementary therapists, all tried and tested by ourselves, our teachers and our students. All of these therapists have particular experience in working with women's health, especially pregnancy and postnatal recovery. Please mention that you found their details through the Sitaram network when you contact any of the therapists listed below.

Thank you.

We offer personally tailored yoga at all levels and for specific therapeutic needs; for individuals and couples, for pregnancy and postnatal too.

This is an excellent way to get started with yoga practice, to develop a programme for a special purpose, or to advance your own practice. This is also the best way to begin to devise your own family yoga sessions, where a couple bring their baby/ies or child/ren to practice yoga together.

One-to-ones sessions in our space usually last one and a quarter hours and cost from £40. If we come to you the cost is from £60 plus transport.



A healthy conception:
Acupuncture, Fertility and Reproductive Support

Emma has been practicing complementary therapies and acupuncture since the early 1990’s and now specialises in fertility and women’s health; gynaecology, conception, IVF support, pregnancy and postnatal care. Her approach to treatment she describes as ‘eclectic’.

Emma’s extensive experience has given her a unique overview of many different systems of medicine each of which significantly contribute to positive therapeutic outcome for the patient. Emma believes that for advanced fertility issues Western medicine is often necessary but where the problem is unknown, or relatively minor, other more natural methods are more appropriate.

Using a combination of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, nutritional support and various other therapies, delivered in bespoke packages and practiced in an integrated setting, Emma Cannon and her team of experts are the ‘all under one roof’ answer for all things fertility.

Emma and her team work with the aim of improving general health levels in couples prior to conceiving, with a view to achieving healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

Appointments available in Montrell Road at the following times, please call Emma directly to book your slot.

Wed 9th APRIL 2-4
Wed 16th APRIL 2-4
Wed 23rd APRIL 4-6
Wed 30th APRIL 4-6

Please can anyone wanting an appointment during those times call me on
Tel: 07973148986 or I can be e-mailed: emmacannon@mac.com.


Perinatal yoga

For those who prefer to work on a one-to-one basis, or whose schedule makes it difficult to attend weekly classes. Individual sessions provide a complete focus on the specific needs of the student. A programme of appointments can be helpful for those starting late in pregnancy, for postnatal recovery, or for those with special needs. Private tuition covering the ‘preparation for birth’ syllabus can can also be arranged for couples. Individual work can be used for couples intending to conceive a child. The yoga therapeutic holistic approach tailors a programme that fits your lifestyle, and is designed to be suitable for the time you have available. Pre-conception yoga can also be particularly effective when done in conjunction with clinical hypnotherapy for fertility.

Email yoga@sitaram.org or call 07595 219 759 to set up an appointment with Uma or Nirlipta.

Therapeutic yoga

Yoga therapy is a very practical approach which matches specific yoga practices to the health needs of an individual. It is an holistic therapy that seeks to integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person's way of life. Yoga therapy encompasses physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation techniques and often also includes nutritional and cleansing recommendations.

In the case of particular chronic ailments such as asthma, insomnia, back pain, arthritis and rheumatism, circulatory problems, digestive disturbances, headaches, as well as acute manifestations of stress, or panic and anxiety attacks, yoga therapy can be a powerful tool to shift longstanding problems. An initial consultation gives the client and therapist a clear view of the difficulties to be addressed, and then over a series of sessions (sometimes only two or three further meetings are necessary, sometimes more) a personal programme of appropriate yoga practices are drawn up.

Personal commitment to the regular practice of the yoga techniques is crucial to the efficacy of yoga therapy. The introduction of appropriate practices is often made gradually to acknowledge quite realistically how difficult it may be to make major changes in lifestyle all at once. For the best long-term effects from yoga therapy it is often best to proceed slowly and gently at first, and then the healing process becomes very much something that the client can do for themselves.

Email yoga@sitaram.org or call 07595 219 759 to set up an appointment with Uma or Nirlipta.

Sitaram Network of Trusted Therapists

Please tell the therapists where you found their details.


Nirlipta Tuli MA MBSCH
Email : nirliipta@sitaram.org
Phone : 07595 219 759
web: http://www.sitaram.org/perinatal/index.html


Yinka Fabasuyi BSc Ost
Holmewood Osteopaths
Mobile: 07951 437 402

Reflexology / Craniosacral Therapy

Katie Sedgwick RCFT MIFR
Phone: 020 8693 4288
Mobile: 0787 9633674

Reflexology / Thai Yoga Massage

Jo Harrison MAR TTMA
mobile: 07837 944993


Seher Khan-Brown
Mobile: 07961 870 735
Email: seherkb@yahoo.co.uk
Web: www.shiatsu-yin.co.uk

Doula and Shiatsu

Kathleen Beegan
Tel: 0208 769 3613
e-mail: kathleenbeegan@hotmail.com
Shiatsu Practitioner: www.shiatsu.org
Doula: www.doula.org.uk
Kathleen also teaches general Yoga Classes (Scaravelli inspired), and offers yogabirth pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation (Group & Individual) www.yogabirth.org


Deborah Parkinson (Master Practitioner)
Mobile: 07521 023372
Email: debparkinson@onetel.com
Ideal times for appointments eves Mon, Tues & Thursday, Saturdays (afternoons)
Please call Deborah for an appointment.


Health & Spiritual Coaching
Energy 4 Life Consultations

Caroline Shola Arewa
Tel: 0845 130 1918
website: www.shola.co.uk
Shola works one 2 one, with groups and organisations.
Supporting people to create success without stress


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