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Pregnancy and Birth Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainings

Why are some courses longer than others?

You will notice in the listing below that some courses are six days long, and some are seven, and that there is even an option to do a four day intensive version. The course content remains the same in all courses, what changes is the intensity of the learning experience. You may choose whichever option best suits you, confident in the knowledge that the same material is covered in each incarnation of the course.

2012 dates for pregnancy yoga teacher training with Uma

London at Yoga Campus Training Centre

For applications contact www.yogacampus.com

Winter /Spring 7 day course: 3 – 6 February followed by  20 – 22 May 2012.

Autumn course: 14 – 16 September followed by  14 – 16 December 2012.

For bookings contact www.yogacampus.com

Hebden Bridge at Calderdale Yoga Centre with Donna Southwell

For applications contact www.yogacampus.com

Summer  course: 29 June – 1 July followed by  7 – 9 September  December 2012.

For venue details see  www.yogacampus.com

A note from the trainer

Thank you for your interest in pregnancy yoga teacher training. In recent years pregnancy yoga has become very popular, and there now are quite a few courses offering training for teachers in this field. I view this as a positive development, enabling you as a prospective trainee to choose a course that most precisely meets your needs, and enables you to teach your students appropriately.

When you are weighing up the relative benefits of the courses on offer, it is helpful to know the key differences between them. In brief, the training I offer equips you to:

  • design and teach appropriate yoga classes and private sessions to all pregnant women, including those with previous yoga experience and practice and those who are new to yoga, and those in the early postnatal stage;
  • teach a full range of holistic yoga techniques that enhance a woman’s experience of pregnancy as a preparation for motherhood, and in the immediate postnatal period, including asana, paired asana, pranayama, nada yoga, mudra, bandha, mantra, prana vidya, dharana, meditation, and pratyahara through yoga nidra (deep relaxation);
  • understand the philosophical and spiritual basis of yoga in the context of the emotional journey towards birth and motherhood, and to use that understanding as the basis of all pregnancy yoga teaching, and for the immediate period of postnatal recovery.

The course involves obligatory detailed observations of pregnancy yoga classes and/or DVDs (as broad a range of approaches as you are able to find), and three short assignments that help you to focus your learning in a practical manner by creating handouts, publicity material and health questionnaires for your future students. The sixth day of the course involves an appraisal session, at which your teaching is observed by experienced pregnancy yoga teachers. The appraisal is conducted in a supportive and mutually respectful manner, so that most trainees find this experience to be hugely enjoyable, and often comment that the appraisal session was one of their favourite parts of the course.

To help you make an informed decision about whether this training is the one for you, I warmly encourage all prospective trainees to attend, if they are able, any of the Sitaram yoga for pregnancy classes or birth rehearsal workshops in central and south London. These classes are all taught by teachers who have attended my training courses, and we have an open door policy for all trainees. If you are not within easy reach of London, then the best way to get a feel for the approach of the course is to take a look at the pregnancy yoga disc of the DVD set Mother Nurture Yoga, available to buy from the sitaram website. If you do decide to go ahead and apply for the course then your observation either of the taught class or the DVD class can count towards your required class observations.

If you want to know more, then please read on:

One of the distinctive features of the training I offer is that it encourages you to think for yourself and to develop your own style and method of teaching pregnancy yoga within a clear framework of safety guidelines. I have been involved in training pregnancy yoga teachers with a number of different organisations since 2001, and my own personal practice since 1984 has been inspired by a range of different yoga traditions, so the courses I run tend draw on a wide variety of different influences. This is why I am very happy to be working with Yogacampus, whose courses have established an enviable reputation for promoting an inspiring and eclectic range of all that is best across many yoga traditions. First and foremost though, I am a yoga therapist, so everything I train teachers to do is grounded in sound anatomical and physiological principles, observing sensible health and safety guidelines.

One of the other distinctive features of this training is that it gives equal emphasis to each of the pancha kosha (physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom and bliss bodies). This means that the training provides balanced instruction across all of these topics:
asana, pranayama, nada yoga, mudra, bandha, mantra, prana vidya, meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). We also focus an entire day on the needs of the early stages of postnatal recovery.

You will notice from my biography that I am mother to three children, and author of three books all related to yoga and women’s health. Both as a mother and a writer (and as someone who spent ten years lecturing in higher education) I am wholeheartedly committed to sharing the benefits of yoga for all women at all stages of their lives – I aim to do so with clarity, passion, and to the highest possible standards. I am very proud of the detailed course manuals which I provide for my trainees, and the thorough training I offer in all of my courses, and I am happy to answer questions from trainees, prospective trainees and graduates of the trainings I offer.

My aim is to give you the information and practical training you need to enable you to respond with joyous creativity to the needs of your pregnant students. If you would like a full course outline, and list of recommended reading, please DOWNLOAD THE COURSE OUTLINE (.pdf)

And If you have any questions, that are not answered here, then please do email me at yoga@sitaram.org.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

About the Sitaram Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training course

This is a course for yoga teachers who wish to teach specialist yoga for pregnancy classes. It offers a unique synthesis of many less widely taught aspects of yoga for pregnancy, and enables teachers to meet the needs of pregnant students who come to pregnancy with an existing yoga practice, as well as those who are new to yoga.

Sessions will include mantra, mudra, nada yoga and pranavidya practices. With contributions from midwives, it will provide both the theoretical and practical training necessary to teach yoga classes specifically for pregnant women, whether or not they have an existing yoga practice.

The emphasis of the course will be on supporting healthy pregnancy through appropriate holistic yoga practices. There will be opportunities for teaching practice, as well as informal assessments during the course and you should be prepared for both a short pre-course assignment and written work
after each session.

FAQs about the Sitaram Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training course

Are there any regulations around teaching pregnancy yoga?
At present there are no national standards or requirements to be able to teach pregnancy yoga classes and we are not aware of any current discussions to change this. However you will normally require additional insurance cover to teach this specialist area which is quite readily available as long as you have completed a recognized course (which includes the Yogacampus course).

After the course am I insured to teach?
Normal yoga teaching insurance does not usually insure you to teach this specialist area but additional cover is readily available once you have a recognized pregnancy yoga teaching qualification like this one.

Does the course allow me to teach pregnancy yoga elsewhere in the world?
Yes, unless the country in which you plan to teach has any additional requirements which you need to satisfy. You should also check that your insurance covers you to teach in the relevant country.

What Is The Difference Between the Sitaram Pregnancy Training Course offered by yogacampus and a BWY Pregnancy Module?
There are a number of different trainers providing BWY accredited modules in pregnancy yoga, and each trainer’s approach is slightly different, and although they are all the same length, there is no single central syllabus. However, there are a number of agreed topics, such as anatomy and physiology and safety guidelines that all these trainers include. The yoga campus pregnancy yoga training is tutored by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and she also offers the same training course as a BWY accredited module, using the same manual, and covering the same topics. The only difference between the course offered by Yogacampus and the course when Uma offers it as a BWY Module are practical distinctions in the way the course is run: for BWY accreditation the course has to be spread over six months, there is a limit on student numbers of 16, and everyone on it has to join the BWY as a member, and to register as a student with the BWY for the duration of course, and everyone also needs to arrange for an approved assessor to come and assess their teaching after the course is finished in order to get the BWY certificate.

When the same course is offered as a Yogacampus module there is more flexibility, so for example, the course can be scheduled within a shorter time than the 6 months required by BWY, there can be more than 16 people in the group, and the teaching skills can be assessed within the hours of the course rather then after it has finished. This does mean that the overall course costs tend to be cheaper as there are no additional fees to join BWY or to have a separate assessment. Other than these practical distinctions there are no differences between the pregnancy yoga courses which Uma offers as BWY certified modules and as Yogacampus trainings.

Can I do it while I am pregnant?
This course is often particularly relevant and beneficial to pregnant yoga teachers, or to yoga teachers with young children. If you are pregnant at the time of applying for the course, or if you have babies or young children who are breastfeeding, your application is particularly warmly welcomed, because the presence of pregnant and breastfeeding students on the course creates an especially nurturing learning environment. Please be aware that if you are or become pregnant during the course, or if you are bringing along a baby or a child to breastfeed, that you may need to make special arrangements to ensure you can complete all parts of the course; such special arrangements may include bringing along a helper so that you can have babysitting support during the more theoretical parts of the course. Please tell us about any possible special arrangements at the time of making your application..

Can I bring my child to the course?
Babes in arms and breastfeeding older babies are welcome on the pregnancy course. But please be aware that you are asking a lot of yourself to combine mothering and studying at the same time. If this is your choice, then it is best to bring along a helper who can mind your baby when you need to give full attention to the more theoretical aspects of the course.

Who are the teachers? Can I meet them?
The pregnancy course is taught by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. If these FAQ’s have not answered all of your questions Uma would be happy to chat to you on the telephone or via email.

How much preparation and homework is there?
The course does include initial preparatory work and homework – see the course brochure for full details. We do however aim to keep course work to a manageable amount.

Does the cost include books and other materials?
The course fee includes a detailed manual. Whilst there are books and CD’s we highly recommend it is not a requirement that you purchase any.

For any further questions about the course, please contact yoga@sitaram.org.

Safe Integration of pregnant and postnatal students in yoga classes

This course is offered usually once or twice a year to general yoga teachers who want to know how to handle pregnant women in their classes. It can be registered, as it has been in the past for BWY IST. It can be a helpful introduction to the topic, or used as an update if you are already teaching pregnancy yoga.

For 2010, I am offering this as a BWY IST day workshop near Leeds on Sunday 6th March.

For bookings please contact Angela Todd: angela@yogamum.co.uk

If you are interested in hosting this course then please contact yoga@sitaram.org.

Continuing professional development and support for pregnancy and postnatal yoga teachers and trainees

We offer a high level of regular continuing professional development and support for all the teachers who work for Sitaram Partnership. In the past these days have been held in London.  With our relocation to the Cotswolds, we host similar events here in Stroud, and recommend also our Womb Yoga sessions for teachers working in this field. If you are interested in joining us for any of these days, please contact yoga@sitaram.org

Usually the day takes the form of teacher-nurture: informal meetings for all pregnancy and postnatal yoga teachers who wish to attend. We have lunch together, then share best practice, and discuss problems and issues encountered in classes. There is also a practical session, and time to answer needs for class cover and/or discuss new teaching or study opportunities. Teachers / trainees are invited to attend for all or part of the afternoon.

The practical sessions will be led by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and other experienced teachers/trainers.

Yoga for Labour and Birth

February 5th, 0930  til 1600, Sitaram Yoga Studio in Stroud.

£30 for the day workshop. Please email uma@sitaram.org to reserve your place

Pregnancy yoga teachers continuing professional development with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli

We are  happy to offer this training locally to groups of teachers, midwives who request it.

Learn how to teach effective, enjoyable yoga birth ‘rehearsal’ sessions to expectant mums and dads. Develop practical skills to present yoga breath, movement and deep relaxation for labour and birth. This day of continuing professional development draws on material which we present regularly for our pregnant students in our Sitaram birth rehearsals

The weekend will include time for your questions, sharings and discussions. The format for sharing the yoga birth rehearsal material is based on our Yoga for birth one-day workshop, which was initially designed for midwives at King’s College Hospital Trust, but is now re-configured to meet the needs of pregnancy yoga teachers who wish to develop this area of work for their pregnant students.

On a case by case basis, this weekend may also be open to midwives and therapists who have personal yoga experience and who are working with pregnant and labouring women. Please email your details to yoga@sitaram.org to discuss this possibility.

If you are interested in hosting this course, and want to find out more you are welcome to call Uma or Nirlipta on 07595 219 759 for a chat about it, or email yoga@sitaram.org

Womb Yoga Workshop, in Italy

In 2007, we were delighted to bring our Continuing professional development for pregnancy and postnatal teachers to Italy, where we were hosted by Tarcento Yoga. This year, Uma is running a one day workshop on Womb yoga, including aspects of yoga for pregnancy, feminine cycles and prana shakti.

Sunday February 20th, all day workshop.

For more information about Tarcento Yoga please visit www.tarcentoyoga.net

For bookings on this day please email info@tarcentoyoga.net